What to Expect:

Arrive 15 minutes before class begins. You will need to fill out a short information sheet and we will introduce you to the trainers and other members. Don't be late for your first class! If you know that you won't be able to arrive 15 minutes before class begins, give us a call and we will reschedule your free class for another time.

We will lend you a pair of gloves for your first class if you do not have a pair of your own.

Wear comfortable workout clothing and whatever shoes you like. We train barefoot so you'll be leaving your shoes in the lobby anyway.

You will be required to purchase a pair of hand wraps for $10 if you do not have a pair of your own. Hands wraps provide added protection for your wrist and knuckles

Each of our classes begin with a guided, general warm-up before we transition into the workout. We always encourage guests to go at their own pace and take breaks if needed. Kickboxing and Boxing are unlike anything else, and most people are simply not ready for the demands of the sport. Don't let this defeat you; everyone feels goofy in their first class.

We end every workout with a guided cool down to transition the body into recovery after an intense training session.

Want More?

We offer a 3 week trial period! We want you to experience everything we have to offer so we can prove the value in our program, and provide you a chance to see if this is the gym for you.

Our 3 week trial is only $49!

This trial gives you UNLIMITED access to GROUP CLASSES and a FREE T-SHIRT!

Purchase the trial at the gym or on our app, RAW Kickboxing and Fitness, after your first class.