How We Train

We don't offer your typical "exercise classes."

Don't expect to walk in and do the "Harlem shake" for an hour.

Don't expect to come in and "compete" against other members to prove you are "fitter" than them and get your name on a board with an arbitrary time attached.

Don't expect to see "boot-camp style" workouts that serve no other purpose than to break you down, and leave you defeated, asking "why did I do that?"

And lastly, don't expect to experience the same "highly commercialized," "cookie cutter," "plug and play," fitness classes typically being offered at the nearest "globo-gym."


We believe exercise and fitness should be fun and simple while allowing for opportunities to develop knowledge and comprehension. We get rid of all the bullshit that doesn't deliver optimal results, and we focus on doing the important things well and consistently so your body continues to adapt, grow, and develop.

Motivation drives consistency. Consistency breeds adaptation and adaptation delivers results. If you are not willing to commit to being consistent then what are you committing to?.

If you are no longer motivated or you simply don't know how to take action then you can't expect much change. That's where we come in.

Kickboxing and boxing are flat out fun. It’s really that simple. Everyone that straps on a pair of hand wraps and boxing gloves instantly feels ready to conquer. Every day is another chance to grow and develop in a fun and invigorating class. This makes the 1st step, being consistent, so easy. You will not want to miss classes.

Our classes are designed to take anyone, at any fitness level, and challenge them to build upon their current level.

Small Group Classes

The minimum age for all of our group classes is 15 years old.

Kickboxing and Boxing

Kickbox 60

This 60 minute class will focus on developing Kickboxing skills that will transform your body into a weapon. In this 60 minute class you will develop your punches, kicks, knees, and elbows to create a well rounded skill set while increasing your work capacity.

Box 45

We will be developing and drilling boxing techniques through shadowboxing, bag work, pad work, and boxing specific conditioning. This 45 minute class is designed to get you fit while learning “the sweet science” just like real boxers.

Strength and Conditioning


During this 60 minute strength and conditioning class you will learn how to increase total strength, drive adaptation, and improve speed and power. If your goal is to work to be the best you can be, then it’s time to lift.

Fit 45

This 45 minute conditioning class is designed to build general work capacity, increase strength, and mobilize body fat. We utilize lower volume and complexity to allow you to train for the desired effect and stimulus for the workout. This is like building a bigger engine in order to handle more power and intensity.


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